Top 5 Apple TV Shooter Games (F/TPS)

Yep…. You read that right. I am going to do a top 5 list! I sold out. Sorry! Lol!


The Apple TV has some great First and Third person shooters and I want to share my opinion of which ones are in my top 5. If you have played them and you don’t agree… Too bad. Write your own top 5 list! Lol! Just kidding. Again this is just my opinion. If you have not played these games, you might want to check out some of them.


Let’s get started…

5. Radiation City

Radiation city is my number 5 choice simply because it is a spooky adventure and the visual effects are pretty and damning all at the same time. The gameplay is fairly tight with a few control hiccups. But the mood created by the developers converging the eerie music and bloom-filled visuals can be mesmerizing and creepy. It’s a great way to spend a weekend.


Another benefit to the game is the fact that the developers allow the player to use a first or third person view easily switchable on the fly. It’s a very nice addition that would be welcome in more action shooter games.


Also, there is something for the hardcore and casual gamer alike. you can play Radiation City normally in which you can die from hunger, cold, radiation, zombie inflicted wounds, etc. or you can simply play the game with God mode on and never worry about any of those things. Traversing the environment and killing animals and zombies alike with no fear of becoming wounded is a pretty cool feature in my opinion.


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4. Morphite

Morphite is my number 4 shooter and this could have been higher on the list. It is simply a fantastic game that runs superbly on the Apple TV 4K. The visual style is beautiful and the gameplay is everything you would imagine it would be. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay to lose yourself in and it will go by in the blink of an eye.


Exploration is the key to Morphite and the outrageous number of planets to visit compounded by the beautifully crafted score make for a game that is not to be missed.


Download and play this game. It is worth your time and patience. You will be rewarded with an experience worthy of the mighty consoles.

3. VAST: Cosmic Treasure Hunters

VAST is a bit of an anomaly at this point. I am absolutely on board the Astrogun train and I truly believe that Xander Davis and the gang will create a universe that is not only interesting, but deep enough to make players care about the characters you interact with.


This episodic adventure is small on content with only one episode available at this time, but big on potential and it’s obvious from the first time you wake from cryosleep. Promising voice acting and stunning 4K visuals are sure to be improved upon in the near future and guess what…. It’s an Apple TV 4K timed exclusive!!!! Yes, you heard that right. Just buy it! Right Now! Are you still here? Buy this game and come back. Thank You.

2. Modern Combat 5

This game has been around for a while and has not been kept in step with it’s iOS counterpart, but that is a blessing in disguise if you have played the iOS version lately. The version available for the Apple TV is much less complicated while being fairly free of bugs though there are some that are annoying.


The gameplay is frantic. The Visuals are downright gorgeous and the gameplay is about as good as it gets for an FPS. You need to get an Mfi controller for the best performance in my opinion and if you have one, you’ll be pissing opponents off sooner than you think.


One negative though…. You might want to spend some money to get the weapons you really want. But you don’t have to if you choose not to. It’s worth throwing some money into this game as it really is that good. You simply cannot be impressed enough.

1. The Afterpulse

Ok, I’ll try to make this quick. “The Afterpulse” being played on the Apple TV 4K is an experience unlike any other in the shooter category. The graphics are beautiful and the visual issues it had before have been alleviated by Apple’s release of tvOS 11. The maps are meticulously crafted for combat and chaos. The weapons are upgradeable and a hell of a lot of fun to kill an opponent with. Maybe too much fun? Lol! The diversity in weaponry and gear is just enough to make any combat gamer jump for joy.


The Afterpulse, like MC5 on the Apple TV, is not kept in sync with it’s iOS counterpart simply called “Afterpulse” and this is a good thing. The iOS version is out of hand with complication and the Apple TV version is right where it should be. Much more realistic, simple and obtainable for players casual and hardcore.


A word of warning here though…. This game is very addictive and if you have an addictive personality such as I unfortunately do, you may soon be rationalizing why you spent so much money on crates to get that 6 star A 500 or needed more weapons to upgrade your KPM-5 to 7 stars. It’s a slippery slope and I am all too happy to use a snowboard! I love this game!!!


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Honorable Mentions

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

This recently released Warhammer game did not make my top 5 list but it might make yours. It’s a fantastic game and the visuals are absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, there is no controller support and that’s a big negative for me as I don’t want to use the Siri remote if at all necessary. But Warhammer is a great game and worth the download and whatever money you see fit to poor into it.


Kill Shot Bravo

This one would be on many players list as it has so much content after all this time that you simply cannot go wrong. The developers have kept this game up to date since it’s original release on the Apple TV and there is no stopping in sight. This game is an “on-rails” shooter which is the reason it did not make my top 5. But it is right up there and should be an instant download for most players who enjoy gunplay on their Apple TV.


Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

This was the closest to making it in my top 5. I simply love this game. I enjoyed the hell out of it all those years ago and the enhancements made for the Apple TV version are superb. But, there is an issue that I have faced since getting my Apple TV 4K. The game simply crashes when I have it in 4K mode. I have to switch back to 1080p HD to play the game and that is definitely disappointing. I don’t know if others are having this issue also, but it stinks not being able to see the game upscaled. Boohoo. :(


Well, there is my top 5 F/TPS games list for the Apple TV. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be preparing a more elaborate and detailed top 10 list in the coming months. You may not agree with my list and that’s to be expected, but remember that this list is just my opinion and we are all entitled to our own.


Till my next Top X list, game like a psychopath on your Apple TV!

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