SuperBike 16 Review

OK, so I am a racing fanatic at heart and SuperBike 16 from Digital Tales took me a bit by surprise when it was released. But I was glad to see it show up. Heck, it’s another racing game for the Apple TV that utilizes an Mfi controller. Now, to be honest, it’s a fairly average one, but it can still be a lot of fun.


SuperBike 16 is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to it’s graphics. The bikes and riders look great along with some of the trackside detail, but it looks very much like a mobile game and it really shows on the big screen. Real Racing 3 is still the high bar when it comes to racing game visuals on the Apple TV along with F1 2016 which looks great too. SuperBike 16 looks a bit more basic than both of those titles.


The bikes have pretty good detail along with the riders themselves and there isn’t anything here that really detracts from what is really important and that is the racing itself. The asphalt textures are good and the curbing looks good too. Buildings, hills and trees fill the outside of the track and add to the sense of speed when flying by them. But it is obvious overall that SuperBike 16 is a mobile game ported to Apple TV. There is a rider cam that can be used, but it is a pain to use at first and takes a bit of time to get used to. But I am glad that they incorporated it.


The action is fluid and the sense of speed is very good especially as the trackside objects whizz by. There’s not a lot of stutter or slowdown even with all the other drivers in front of you along with a long stretch of track and this is the great upside to the game hot having a higher graphical fidelity.


The menus are done well and are not too cluttered and the user interface is fairly self explanatory making this game easy to work your way around.


The sound is definitely much more basic and the bikes themselves don’t sound very well in my opinion. Yes, they get the job done and it doesn’t really detract from the actual gameplay, but better, more realistic engine sounds would have made the experience that much more immersive in my personal opinion. But what little is here is not terrible, just not much to rave about.


The other sounds in the game are just as basic, but again, get the job done. That’s really all there is to say in this category besides I’m a bit disappointed. I think more could have been done.


The music is pretty generic with a semi-metal-ish (that’s not a word, right?) feel. Reminds me of some of the royalty free music you can download. But it’s ok, I usually turn the music off anyway.


The gameplay is where SuperBike 16 really excels. The action is very smooth and the racing is actually pretty good. Once you learn the techniques needed to ride your best the game can be very challenging and rewarding especially on the harder levels. There are 5 modes included in the game to try your hand at.


Championship mode lets you run the 2016 SuperBike season with 13 rounds with the rider of your choice. Scoring points lets you climb the leaderboard and the higher you place, of course, the more points you accumulate.


Quick Race lets you pick any of the 13 tracks or riders and you’re off. You can choose from three difficulty levels and each race can last from 1 to 25 laps creating a very realistic racing experience.


Time Attack mode gives you the opportunity to try to beat your best times on any of the 13 tracks allowing you to choose again from 1 to 25 laps. Choosing more laps will help you to better your times as you become familiar with the tracks and the best braking and acceleration points in sequence without stopping. You will see your lap times start to fall when you get in the zone and it is quite satisfying especially for those who are racing fans and enjoy being a virtual rider or driver.


Test Mode and Challenge Mode are the best modes contained within the game in my opinion. in Test Mode , you have to pass a series of tests and each one has to be done in one lap! Once you pass all the tests, you will unlock free challenges in the Challenge Mode that can be played to beat other players best times from around the world.


SuperBike 16 from Digital Tales is a good game (check your store as it might be free right now) for racing fans who own an Apple TV. It has a lot of content, most of which is accessible right from the start. Challenge Packs can be purchased for a nominal fee ranging from $0.99 USD for 20 more challenges up to $4.99 USD for 400 challenges. There are so many games in this market that are free to play, but by the time you are done with the game you may have spent hundreds once your addicted and want more content or virtual items. This is where SBK 16 is very pleasing especially to your wallet, or iTunes account. You can get a lot for very little.


Yes, the graphics may not be as good as a game like Real racing 3 and the sounds might not be perfect, but there is a lot of fun to be had here for racing fans and there is quite a bit of content for such a small fee. Get the game if you’re an Apple TV gamer and you like racing games.


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