Status of MC5 for AppleTV

Well, at least Gameloft was kind enough to give us AppleTV gamers a few updates before they stopped supporting the tvOS version of MC5. Unfortunately, this means that the AppleTV version is miles behind the iOS version and does not have a lot of the really neat features that have been added since update 1.7. We will not be seeing any more updates, but the game is still fantastic!


When Modern Combat 5 was released for the AppleTV in December of 2015, I was extremely excited about the future of the AppleTV. MC5 looked great, ran smooth and made me feel like I was playing a true console game. The amount of polish and attention to detail that Gameloft put into this game was astonishing in my humble opinion. But the best part? Multiplayer modes and the promise of a game that would easily be updated right alongside it’s iOS sibling ensuring it’s longevity. I would quickly learn that I needed to curb my enthusiasm and restrain my hopes.


For a few updates, the AppleTV version was keeping up with the iOS version and would receive the updates the same exact day as the iOS version. I fell in love with the Bounty Hunter class that was introduced into the game at the same time it was released for the AppleTV. I started to post quite a bit on the official MC5 forums and felt like the AppleTV finally had something that would keep me playing for a very long time. Then, a bombshell. I was informed that the AppleTV version of the game would no longer be updated along with the iOS version. It would remain stagnant in it’s current form. I was so disappointed and depressed about the news, but I was still hopeful that it would at some point get some sort of update adding a little bit of the content that has since been added to the other versions of the game. I eventually started playing the iOS version as I wanted to try out the new Bounty Hunter weapons and armors. But it just wasn’t the same.

I continued to play the iOS version along with the AppleTV version, but as time went on, I wanted to play the AppleTV version more and more. I consider the AppleTV my gaming console. My Kids play their PS4’s and XBOX One’s. But I really like the AppleTV and I use it as a pure gaming console. Yes, you heard me right. A “PURE” gaming console. It plays games and has a lot of the options that the more expensive consoles have. Remember, what some consider to be a console gaming machine may differ from your expectations. I still play my Atari Jaguar and love it. I’m old and it’s my prerogative!


Though I was still somehow hopeful that the AppleTV version of MC5 would get another update someday, it is painfully obvious that it will not. Stopped dead in it’s tracks. It’s the best shooter on the AppleTV in my opinion, though there are a few others that are good. But without the updates, it is sure to die slowly.


You won’t find many online matches. There just aren’t enough players. You won’t be able to use the newer classes like the Sapper or Morph classes. You’ll never get to wear some of the great new armors like the Ronin or ONI suits. You won’t be able to play custom non-ranked matches. You won’t get to play the newer Conversion map or the map that was just announced coming in update 15. But here’s what you will get.

You’ll Get;


1. A group of players that are faithful and a lot of fun to run and gun together with.

2. No hackers!

3. To still play on the “Overtime” map. Haha iOS. Take that.

4. To play MC5 on a big screen TV without having to use airplay.


I am very happy that Gameloft decided to give the AppleTV a try. We got a great game and something that AppleTV gamers can be proud of. It’s disappointing that Gameloft gave up so quickly on the platform though. I understand their reasoning. The installed AppleTV user base is small and the number of hardcore gamers on the platform is even smaller. There’s some money to be made for sure, but probably not enough to utilize resources that could be used elsewhere. But my concern lies more with the fact that the tvOS (AppleTV) and iOS versions are so similar and can easily be ported with minimal effort. Yes, there can still be issues on the tvOS platform that may not be elsewhere, but it would be nice if they gave the platform a real chance.


Put it this way; the game was released in late December of 2015 and they only updated the game until April 2016. Not even 6 months. But they obviously analyzed their data and saw that the AppleTV was not viable enough for them to even try. This is really no different than many other developers who release a version for the AppleTV and soon thereafter stop supporting it while the iOS version still receives those updates.

Some final thoughts.. Hey Gameloft, I am thankful that you allowed us to play MC5. I spent a lot of money on the game and have really enjoyed it. But if you could find it in your heart to release some sort of small update, that would be wonderful. We get no boosted or squad events anymore. We can’t get the werewolf armor anymore because of the lack of boosted events too. Maybe you could try to have a sale here and there? Wait, I have a great idea. Look at EA and Firemonkey with Real Racing 3. They are still updating that game. C’Mon GL, You can do better.

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