Rush Rally 2 Review

Many iOS gamers already know about the Rush Rally series and all of us Apple TV gamers should be very appreciative that Brownmonster released Rush Rally 2 for our beloved gaming system. Rush Rally 2 really shows what great things can be accomplished on the Apple TV and on mobile in general when done right. Here’s my review of Rush Rally 2 for the Apple TV gaming console.


There’s no question here, Rush Rally 2 has a very polished and clean look which may seem contradictory to the theme of the game. But don’t be fooled, this is the rally game to beat on the Apple TV in my opinion. There’s a lot of quality poured into the visuals. The lighting is beautiful, the car models are precise and the stages are varied and nicely designed.


One place in which Rush Rally 2 excels where some other racing titles stagger is the shear amount of graphical tweaks the players is afforded. The game runs well with almost all of the options turned on as high as they can go, but you will get a smoother frame rate if you’re ok with turning some of them down. I blast everything to high except for the motion blur and get a solid frame rate that is more than playable. But your preferences may be much different than mine. ;)


Textures look good, especially when the detail settings are turned up. The bloom effect adds a lot to the different times of day and variable weather conditions. There is something about driving in the evening in a thunderstorm that made me feel quite exhilarated. Snow looks like, well, snow, but there are a few stages in which the race starts at a lower elevation and as you climb higher into the mountains, the snow becomes more noticeable on the trees, ground and road.


There are numerous driving views, but the one I enjoy the most is the cockpit view which was added a few updates ago. It looks great and the bloom from the shift lights looks great on night tracks and adds to the realism. Also in recent updates, a real-time damage model was incorporated. This is a great addition to Rush Rally 2 and it is a lot of fun witnessing the destruction of your vehicle if you feel the need to play a more derby-type race with your opponents or if you simply love to hit trees. Crumpling numbers and hoods. Doors and rear ends become mangled beyond recognition in a tornado of twisted annihilation. I find myself smashing my vehicle into oblivion at times to see how bad it can get, plus it lets out a bit of stress.


There’s a lot to like in this category and even with a few little imperfections here and there, Rush Rally 2 has a very solid and satisfying visual appearance.


Well, another racing game and another shot at trying to portray to a small audience how what little sounds may be offered in that game really can make a big difference in the experience. No matter what racing game you play, atmosphere is key in making the player believe they are inside that car and have a vested interest in trying their best to rise to the top. Audio plays a big part in that even if some think it is not as important as the visuals.


The engine sounds are well done and sound throaty and distorted, especially when pumped from a large theater speaker system. The music is good also, but I have a habit of turning the music off completely. No good rally game would be complete without a navigator’s voice to guide you through the stages. This is also accomplished with good results. Turning down the engine noise a bit and turning up the navigators voice will assist you in not taking a flight off the side a cliff. It definitely adds to the realism Rush Rally 2 offers.


Sounds stream to your ears when you crash into a tree or drift through a corner and give a good sense of what is happening between the tires and the pavement below helping you to adjust your steering for better stage times. Thunder crashes on certain stages and you can hear the rain falling on the asphalt beckoning you to slow down around sharp corners. Gravel and show crush under the weight of your vehicle as you plow through the stages and races to climb the ladder and accomplish your gaol of becoming champion or winning the race.


Whether you are using a controller or the Siri remote, Rush Rally 2 is tight and responsive giving you the ability to focus on the corner or opponent ahead instead of fighting with the controls. Your handbrake will become your best friend if you really want to get the best lap times possible or win a hard fought rally cross stage.


There are various modes contained within the game providing hours and hours of gameplay for those who really enjoy a racing discipline in its purest form. Rally racing is not just about beating the guy on the track, it’s also about besting a time already set by another driver and this can be just as exhilarating and addictive. Championship mode will take you through all the countries and stages contained within Rush Rally 2 and reward you with faster vehicles while unlocking new stages.


Rally Cross mode is a more straight forward racing mode which is run through three different championships of gradually increasing difficulty. You’ll be racing opponents on the track instead of stage times and you will start in last place in every race so you’ll need to be pretty spot on with your braking and using your hand-brake around sharp corners.


As far as vehicles, there may not be as many as larger games like Real Racing 3, but the ones included are varied and each of them feels different when you race them. You can tune your car and this is where I was a bit surprised. There are a lot of options for tuning your car and this is what makes Rush Rally 2 into the Simulation I truly believe it to be. There are some simulations out there on larger platforms like the PC which don’t allow you the control that Rush Rally 2 does. It’s very impressive, especially coming from a sim racing game development background. I applaud Brownmonster for including these options which may not appeal to many casual players, but definitely appeal to the more simulation minded players. You can finish the game without ever changing the default setups, but if you want to compete for online leaderboard status, you might want to learn what some of these tuning options do.


Rush Rally 2 is bucking the Free to Play trend and sticking with the more player or wallet-friendly one-time pay and play model. For a few bucks you get an outstanding rally game with a good amount of content and modes to master.


The gameplay is fast and smooth. The visuals are top notch. But the best part here, it gets updated along with it’s iOS counterpart. Awesome!


If you are an Apple TV racing game fan, buy this game and support the developer. It’s a great game and worth every penny and we need developers like this who are willing to give the Apple TV a shot at being a game console.


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