Quantum Revenge Review

Ok, Ok…. So, you want a fast-moving, twin-stick, manga-style, mech space shooter?! Oh, and you want it to be good?! Well, guess what? RealTech VR has the Apple TV covered. It’s everything you wanted and quite a bit more even if the game is a bit short. Here’s my review of the newly updated and smoothly animated game, Quantum Revenge from RealTech VR.


I’m a fan of anything that makes me feel excitedly frantic when it comes to gaming on my beloved Apple TV gaming console. Yes, you heard me correctly, gaming console. ;) RealTech VR has created a twin-stick shooter with a bit of a twist that should appeal to a wide variety of gamers. This game is a diamond in the rough and might not be as well known as some of the other shooters available on tvOS, but you should familiarize yourself as soon as possible. Quantum Revenge is fast, frantic, smooth, frustrating, fun, visually pleasing and insanely maddening and you’ll experience those emotions in one sitting! This is not a bad thing at all and it had me holding on for dear life during my sessions with it. It’s not perfect, but I simply haven’t found many games in my 42+ years on this Earth that are. But there’s much more to love here than there is to nit-pick at.


The need for more intense and realistic 3D visuals has been an ongoing trend in gaming since 3D games became a worldwide phenomenon. But more complex 3D games are not always good let alone great. There are many times in which simpler is better. This is the case with Quantum Revenge. You won’t find sprawling 3D worlds to explore littered with complex objects or large city landscapes to barrel through. What you will find is great usage of gorgeous 3D objects and beautifully drawn 2D sprites. When both of these are blended together in Quantum Revenge, you get a fantastic visual experience that adds to the core gameplay and will entice you to take a quick look around.


Weapons fire with authority, explosions light up the screen and blind your view for a few seconds at times leaving you vulnerable but adding to the difficulty of the game. The artwork is nice and detailed creating a likeness for the characters that is instantly noticeable when you first encounter them. The enemies rotate and move with smooth animation considering they are 2D and are quick enough to challenge the best players. The asteroids are also well animated and look good. Get used to shooting them as you’ll encounter tons of them throughout the levels.


The universe looks good and the planets, and sometimes large robotic creatures, hover in the distance and move in and out of frame as your mech maneuvers around the panning levels. The levels are quite nice in size and you can maneuver around them with ease most of the time. The mechs you fly are well sculpted and are animated as smoothly as the enemies themselves are.


The action zooms in and out at times during the course of play giving you a better look at what you need to tackle, but this can sometimes make things a little more chaotic too. I am not complaining about this aspect of the game as it delivers a bit more depth and does add to the difficulty.


The audio in the game is strong, but lacking a bit in certain areas and the weapon sound tends to disappear somewhat when there is a lot going on. I am assuming there is still a little work to do in this department, but it does not detract from the overall gameplay. The explosions are loud and full of bass while the voice acting, though not in english, conveys a sense of what is happening on the screen especially when encountering one of the bosses.


The music in Quantum Revenge is well done and though I usually turn the music off when I play games, I don’t mind leaving the music on during gameplay. It adds to the atmosphere and doesn’t get in the way.


I am very happy with the overall gameplay techniques used in Quantum Revenge. But there are a few little quirks that should be looked at. The gameplay is absolutely fast and frantic most of the time even when there are more asteroids on the screen than actual enemies. You’ll have to move quickly if you plan on avoiding some of the more intelligent and agile opponents. RealTech VR has incorporated a nice and unobtrusive enemy location tagger using small red arrows on the edges of the screen to let you know where the enemies currently are or where they are coming from. This aspect of the game is crucial to not only your survival throughout the levels, but also to your score which is gauged against players from around the world on the leaderboards. There are also achievements to unlock to give you something more to shoot for.


The controls are tight, but I have noticed that there are a few noticeable issues. There are times in which your mech can get jammed between enemies and simply bounce around causing the action to become almost uncontrollable. Also, when quickly turning your mech, the control tends to “skip” and causes your player to rotate the opposite way. This can really cause an issue when trying to aim for enemies on certain parts of the level. None of these are game-breaking issues. You can learn to avoid them and do just fine, but they should probably be looked into anyway.


The games levels are challenging and even frustrating at times, but there is a sense of satisfaction when you have navigated your way through all of them and beaten all the bosses. The game is quite short though. Before you know it you will be sizing up the final boss and looking to end his reign. After defeating the boss, the game will loop to the earlier stages but the wave numbers will keep going up.


You can also pick up other weapons or drones to utilize throughout the course of the game along with a special power that is unique to each of the mechs. This was a nice addition in my opinion and using those special powers saved me many times from having to continue.


If you happen to fail in your quest, Quantum Revenge allows you to continue by spending credits. You also have the option to add certain things to your arsenal like adding more drones or allowing you to have full weapons for 10 seconds when you restart. Credits also buy you more mechs. The mechs themselves each have their own stats which differ enough from one another to have the difference felt during gameplay. There is a special mech that can only be obtained by finding the six parts necessary to build it. Credits can also be purchased in the game with real money through a series of IAP’s. They are very reasonable compared to many larger games currently on tvOS.


Quantum Revenge is a no brainer for those who enjoy the quick and frantic pace of a space shooter but want something a little different. But it may not appeal to everyone. Though the game is a bit short and there are still a few issues/bugs that may appear during gameplay, this is a top-notch attempt and should give players hours of fun. Blasting through the game over and over is quite a bit more pleasant than you might think and when it comes to the Apple TV, it’s worth every penny especially considering it is a universal game that once purchased on your Apple TV, can be played on your iOS devices too.


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