MoonBeeps: Hide and Seek Review

There are times in which I find myself playing too many hardcore games and I need a chance to sit down and relax. Well, here’s something I found that is perfect for your Kids and your relaxation. Hide and Seek from MoonBeeps is a very simple game of…. well….. hide and seek. Pretty self-explanatory. But the art style and overall “cuteness” of this game is where it excels. This review will be fairly brief as there isn’t much that needs to be reviewed, but I just wanted parents to know that this game existed.


MoonBeeps Hide and Seek is a fantastic example of how to make a great, simple kids game. It’s use of depth-of-field effects and cartoonish, blocky polygonal models creates an illusion of a very tiny world in which these characters play.


The characters are cute and come in many colors and sizes, just like actual people do and I hope that parents can use this to teach their children that people from all walks of life can play together, no matter their color. I am not sure if this was the developers message or not, but it’s a good one nonetheless and children can learn from it.


The trees and neighborhoods change depending on what season you choose and each one is as gorgeous as the next. I simply love this art style and I catch myself playing this game many times just to look at it.


There’s not a lot of sound in Hide and Seek, but what is incorporated is very cute. The childish voices and simple music samples included make the game about as cute as you could expect. The wind whips in the snowy level. The birds chirp in the warmer levels and the crickets and bugs call out in the night. It’s put together very well.


The characters mumble to themselves while searching for their friends and party music plays as they find each other and have a quick dance party. Again, just very cute.

Gameplay / Controls

You can use either the Siri Remote or an Mfi controller for movement in Hide and Seek. Either one is efficient in moving your character around. I prefer the controller for input, but the Siri Remote does seem to be a bit more precise with this game.


When you find a friend or one of the 26 not-so-hidden objects, you push on the Siri Remote of the controller to send out a circular finder signal. If you find one of your friends, the dance party begins. If you find one of the hidden objects, it stores it in your object database.


One you find all of your friends, it will show you how long it took for you to complete the game. You can try to better your times for each level whenever you like. When you find all 26 of the hidden objects, hats become available for your characters. A nice addition for sure.


Navigating your way around the game couldn’t be easier and Kids should have no problem at all finding their way.


Everything in Hide and Seek is at maximum cuteness levels and is not just great for Kids, but can be quite relaxing for parents also. I am not ashamed to admit that I have played this game through many times and I enjoy it.

Summary / Value

Look, obviously this game is not for everyone and is not a “hardcore” gaming experience. But for those who have children and want them to have fun along with being able to teach them lessons while doing it should look into this game.


MoonBeeps: Hide and Seek is only a few dollars and while not being a game with a lot of depth, the depth-of-field effects are worth the price of admission.


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