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Modern Combat 5 for Apple TV Review

Modern Combat 5 has been around the mobile scene for a very long time. You may ask yourself….. Has it stood the test of time? Heck yes! Not only is the game still a staple of graphical pleasure on the Apple TV, it looks and runs like a new game on the Apple TV 4K. MC5 has many positive attributes and some negative that were created by the developer themselves. I’ll explain it all in this review. ;)


When it comes to graphical prowess in the mobile universe, there are a few companies that stand out. GameLoft is one of those companies. Modern Combat is the fifth game in the Modern Combat series and the first to make it onto the Apple TV gaming platform. Thank goodness! It’s a brilliant game especially when it comes to the detailed nuances of the visuals created by GameLoft.


Ok, this is a first person shooter. That’s pretty obvious. There are so many FPS games on so many platforms and visually they can differ in numerous ways. From toon-style visuals of popular games like Overwatch to more photorealistic games like Call of Duty: WWII. Considering the Apple TV version of MC5 is a bit old now, the graphics are still some of the best on the system. It sits somewhere in-between when it comes the visual style of the game. It looks fantastic and very realistic but definitely has a sort of “animated” look to it also.


The weapons look absolutely fantastic and are modeled to a very fine definition. Many of the weapons and gadgets in the game mock their real-world counterparts but with different names, of course. But there are some weapons, especially in my personal favorite class, the Bounty Hunter. The weapons have a worn look to them through the bump mapping with scratches and gouges in places on certain weapons and the attachments look amazing. I cannot say enough about the time that GL put into the weapons in this game.


The maps look just as good, albeit with some compromises made in the resolution of some of the textures to keep the frame rate as high as possible. It can be a little strange to see how great some of the texture work is mapped to certain objects and how low they can be on others, but when you are plying by them to get to the meat of the map in order to give yourself the best chance to kill your opponents, you won’t really care. What you will care about? The fact that you will enjoy looking at the lens flare on Scramble before your opponent shows you no mercy and knifes you while you were preoccupied.

Your character is finely detailed and while the armor included in the game runs a very wide gamut, there is no arguing that they look pretty good all around. The detail in the VIP-only armor, the Paragon, is quite astounding for a mobile game. From a personal standpoint, I like the more realistic armors and try to stay away from the crazier armor designs such as the Santa and Werewolf suits. My personal favorite is the standard Bounty Hunter suit. It looks amazing and fits the class with absolute perfection. No matter which armor you utilize, you really won’t be disappointed in the modeling and skin.


The effects in the game are also fantastic. From the beautiful lens flare to the explosions and lighthing, MC5 is a game that sets the bar pretty high even for newer games that attempt to break into the FPS market on the Apple TV. Visually, in the FPS genre on the Apple TV, MC5, Afterpulse and VAST are standouts and should not be missed.


I guess what I am trying to say is….. MC5 looks gorgeous on the Apple TV and even better on the Apple TV 4K!


Along with Afterpulse, which I have already reviewed here, is one of the most realistic sounding warfare games on the Apple TV. The ambient sound coupled with the weapon and special effects audio, GameLoft has created a very realistic audio environment for the player that is not only beautiful and brutal in its sound, but functional in its 3D spacial placement.


The weapon sounds, though reused at times, are extremely guttural and work well with the warfare theme of MC5. The sound of the weapon firing changes when a silencer/suppressor are attached to the weapon which is a very nice touch. Something that was not incorporated into the audio in The Afterpulse. But, there is a bug that has long “bugged” me. ;) The last class to be released in the Apple TV version of MC5 was the Bounty Hunter class. When using the weapons in the Bounty Hunter class and adding a silencer, the weapon sound does not change. I am a Senior MVP Moderator on the official MC5 forums (shameless plug but for a reason) and have spoken numerous times over the years with the wonderful, Radu. He is a Community Manager at Gameloft. He has been a very kind and unbelievably helpful person to me personally and I thank him for everything he has done for me. But even he could not get the actual dev’s top fix this audio issue. I have to be realistic about this. As much as I want them to care about this bug, they simply do not and that is very disappointing. Oh well. Still love the weapons sounds.


The score is fabulous and very professionally done. As I have stated many times throughout my reviews, I always turn the music off while playing, but this is good enough to leave on if you are so inclined and can add a little motivation at times.


The ambient environmental sound is fantastic, though fairly thin. You might have to turn the music off to really hear these sounds, but they are there. I am always waiting to hear a gunshot off in the distance so the fact that there is not much in the way of external sounds, it does help facilitate better opponent placement.

Gameplay / Controls

Gameloft have been a staple of mobile gaming gems for many years and they have fine-tuned the way they get their customers to enjoy their games. MC5 is very close to perfection when it comes to the Apple TV version. You can use the Siri remote, but it’s not advisable. Get a controller. Please, get a controller. You will not be disappointed. My favorite is the Steel Series Nimbus and if you hold it in your hand and play this game with it, you will absolutely love it. The controller is simply that good. If you want to use the Siri Remote, it is possible to master it to a  degree, but in the end, you simply do not have enough total control to play against experienced players you may find online who are using controllers. Finding players online is another story entirely.


Modern Combat 5 is near perfect when it comes to actual gameplay. Smooth, customizable sensitivity makes the game accessible to almost any level player and the “controller-only” quick-turn move is unbelievably helpful in instances where an opponent is shooting at you from behind and you don’t have easily accessible cover anywhere near you. There have been numerous times in which I utilized this feature and was able to get the kill, frustrating the heck out of my opponent more than likely.


MC5 does include a fairly robust campaign mode and it is a great way to practice your aim and gameplay in general. There is an aim-assist you can turn on in the campaign, but it would be worth your time to turn this off as it will do you no good when you finally play online. Also, expect to get killed quite a bit if you decide to play online with lower tier weapons unless you have paid for the Bounty Hunter class. The SLS-3 is the Bounty Hunter class Tier 1 weapon and it has an aim assist feature and performs very well online. It seems somewhat of a “cheat” weapon, but it is part of the game and you should not feel too bad for using it. Unlocking higher tier weapons in crates is what you’ll really be trying for.


Grenades are also a vital weapon in the online portion of MC5. I, personally, rarely use them as I just want to shoot my way through the opponents, but there are many great players who have learned how to utilize them to their maximum potential. Flushing opponents out of camping spots is probably the best use for grenades, but they are also used well for damaging others through walls. Yes, wall damage is a thing in MC5 on the Apple TV and it’s a big thing too.


The mini-map is also a feature that you are going to want to learn to use fairly quickly. Some classes have perks that make the map more useful and knowing where your enemies are at all times is a huge advantage.


All the classes have their own perk system tree and some are more valuable than others. Some increase damage to primary weapons while others add diamond dust to your inventory quickly which helps in calling military support.


There’s a lot here to explain and not enough time int eh day to do it. I will have a small, but more in-depth, guide coming for the Apple TV version of MC5. Check back regularly to find out when it will be released.


Modern Combat 5 is presented more like an actual console game and with quality visuals and intuitive interfaces. You might feel a bit overwhelmed at first as there is a lot of content and options available, but as time goes on, you’ll be quickly switching load outs and tweaking options to help make the experience as personalized and fun as possible.


PSA: Remember folks, this game is definitely a mature game and does have blood splatter when shooting enemies. For those children that are a bit younger than your own countries mature level age, you, as the parent, need to consider the level of realistic warfare portrayed and whether or not your child is prepared for something like this.

Summary / Value

Well, another “freemium” game, but well worth the large download. Even if you are not into playing multiplayer matches and are a single player gamer, the campaign mode is enough to keep you occupied for some time without ever having to touch the online portion of the game. You will need an always on broadband connection though to play MC5 even if you only play campaign mode.


Once you dive into the multiplayer modes, you’ll see why the game is so popular on iOS. It’s simply fantastic, if you can find other players. Being an Apple TV game, it might be hard to find full lobbies of players ready to annihilate you. But there are times of the day/week in which you can find quite a few players.


Look, MC5 has been around for a while and the Apple TV version is not as popular as its iOS counterpart. But you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not at least try it out. It really is that good.


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