Infinite Tanks Review

Yes, Infinite Tanks is not a new Apple TV game release, but it’s a game deserving of a review. There’s a certain satisfaction to building your own customized tank complete with a crazy colorful camouflaged skin. Afterwards, you can take your custom tank into a campaign mission or a multiplayer match and create enough beautifully animated chaos to send any normal game console player to their local electronics store to buy up the last Apple TV 4K with a wanting to get in on the action. Infinite Tanks doesn’t really innovate in the tank warfare genre, but it takes the recipe and mixes in some nice visuals, tight control and personal customization to create an experience you should enjoy.


There is something “typical” about the games developed by Atypical games. Get it??? That was clever right? Ok, sorry about that. What I mean by that statement is, Atypical games typically develops games that are visually stunning, have great sound and are all around good games. You really cannot go wrong downloading an Atypical game as you will probably find something within that game to keep you interested. Nothing overwhelmingly ahead of its time, but just good ol’ fashioned fun.


Infinite Tanks is no different when it comes to its visual style. It simply looks great and the graphics can be stepped up or down depending on your gaming preferences. Some players enjoy a higher frame rate and are fine with decreased graphical fidelity while others, like myself, want the best looking game they can get while keeping a frame rate that is easily acceptable. Which one you choose will depend mainly on what Apple TV you are using. The Apple TV 4K that I am currently using for all my gaming needs nets better results, of course, than the original Apple TV 4th Gen. But the game plays great on both generation of devices.


The visual effects throughout Infinite Tanks make the game a much more realistic experience than you may expect. From the lens flare to bloom techniques, IT looks great and runs well. There are options to lower the graphical fidelity which will be determined by which version of the Apple TV you have. The Apple TV 4K allows for the options to be turned all the way up while you will have to play with the options a bit to get the best frame rate on the 4th Gen Apple TV.


The tanks, environments and objects that littler the battlefield are very well modeled and the effects are definitely noteworthy. No matter what, you’ll be able to build a tank that is to your liking and looks just the way you want.


Infinite Tanks blends very detailed atmospheric noises with brutal weapon sound to create an audio style worthy of a large theater system. Trust me, turn up your sound and feel each shot and explosion up close and personal. It’s a treat for the ears to say the least.


The music is standard fare for a battle simulation. You know you’re in a warfare genre game when you hear the score provided and while it might sound fairly generic, it is motivational at the same time. I turn the music off in most of the games that I play because I want to hear the sound on the battlefield with no interference. You really can’t go wrong either way.

Gameplay / Controls

This is all predicated on the fact that I use a controller. Infinite Tanks does a lot right and moving your bulky tank around the screen is quite well done. But it is definitely not perfect. It can actually seem like your controlling…. well…. a tank. I guess this should not be a shock to anyone, but it could have been a bit better in my opinion. Turning these massive heaps of metal can be a bit of a chore. If you swing the analog stick a bit too far, it will change direction and that can be a killer when you are pinned down and getting lit up by the enemy. But again, this can be overcome by simply practicing the controls for a bit.


The gameplay itself is smooth and at times actually anxiously exciting. When your tank is severely damaged and you are trying to move into cover, it can be very stressful waiting for the tank to get behind a building or another obstacle for safety so you can reset your strategy and try not to get killed. There is no health regeneration here, so the damage to your tank remains throughout the level or map. You’ll have to hope that the friendlies with you can hold them off enough for you to survive.


Building tanks is really the nuts and bolts of Infinite Tanks and there is so much to like here. The higher levels you achieve, the better the parts you can use to build or modify your tank become. Working through these builds is very intuitive and makes creating a devastating war machine quite simple. You can also choose to randomly generate a tank from the parts you have also, but where is the fun in that?!


Luckily, there is a zoom feature that, in my opinion, is an absolute necessity if you want to be a great pilot. Also, it will help with those long range shots when getting too close to the enemy is not an option, or at least not a good one. ;)


In typical, Atypical Games, fashion, the presentation is very well done. Navigating through the menus is very straightforward and building your perfect killing machine is logical and intuitive. The screen is very clean and uncluttered during combat and the cut scenes present the story to the player very well during the campaign missions.


The presentation throughout the game does one thing very nicely. It never gets in the way of the player or the story and allows the player to simply experience the game in all it’s tank busting glory.

Summary / Value

Tanks? Check. Explosions? Check. Customization? Check. Great sound? Check. There is no reason to skip this game if you like tank battle games and are an avid Apple TV gamer. Yes, there are better warfare games in general in the Apple TV library like The Afterpulse and Modern Combat 5, but when it comes to vehicle combat, Infinite Tanks is a must have for Apple TV gamers.


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