AppleTV (4K) Hardware / Peripherals

The 4th Generation AppleTV made gaming natively on the device possible. Fortunately, Apple porting from iOS to tvOS is fairly simple and there are many developers giving the AppleTV platform a shot. Unfortunately, the user base is terribly small and many developers that I have spoken to do not think it is worth the time and resources to bother getting their games on the AppleTV App Store and will stick with iOS as there main platform. Hopefully, this will change in the near future as Apple updates the Apple TV. Though the AppleTV is not as powerful as consoles such as the PS4 or XBOX One, it is very interesting for me to see what this device can push.


The new Apple TV is still in it’s infancy, but there are already many Mfi controllers available for the platform and many new and interesting add ons that are being worked on as we speak.

The Apple TV is a great device for those in the Apple Ecosystem and can do just about anything you need it to. From watching your favorite TV shows and Movies to streaming Netflix and Hulu to playing games on your overly large TV, Apple has created a beautiful, yet simplistic and minimalistic unit that is as simple to use as it looks.


There is no reason not to get one if the majority of your purchases are in the Apple universe. Go get one!

Apple TV Unit and Siri Remote

The 4th Generation Apple TV is a large improvement over the first three generations and finally gave Apple fans the ability to play games without having to use AirPLay. But don’t be fooled by it’s small size, the Apple TV is a fantastic piece of hardware and perfect for playing games on the big screen especially when the developer takes advantage of what the Apple TV can do, but also knows it’s limitations. The first generation of games that have been released for the device have varied in there quality, but as of late, there are many hits that really push the Apple TV to it’s limits and prove that gaming on the device can be a lot of fun.


Apple TV Unit

Color -  Black

Storage - 32GB, 64GB

Ports - HDMI, Power, Ethernet, USB-C

OS - tvOS

CPU - 64 Bit A8 Processor


Memory -


Siri Remote

Bluetooth 4.0

IR transmitter

Accelerometer and gyroscope

Lightning connector for charging

Rechargeable battery providing months of battery life on a single charge (with typical daily usage)

Steel Series Nimbus Controller

The Steel Series Nimbus controller is far and away my favorite controller for the Apple TV. With a great ergonomic feel, lightning charging capability and 40+ hours of battery life, the Nimbus makes the Apple TV feel like a true console gaming device. The Nimbus Wireless is a full-sized wireless controller, compatible with Apple TV and many other Apple devices. With an ergonomic shape and familiar button placement, it's simple to jump right into your favorite games. 


Feature Overview

Pressure Sensitive Buttons

Menu Button For Instant Navigation

Rechargeable 40+ Hours of Battery Life

Lightning Connector

Bluetooth 4.1

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