Alliance: Air War Update

Alliance: Air War has been updated! Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal of new content, but the new aircraft are beautifully and meticulously detailed for flight sim and fighter fans alike. There was also an audio update in which you can now play your own iTunes music within Alliance: Air War along with a few minor bug fixes and stability improvements.


There are seven (7) new planes in total and if you purchased the corresponding Support bundle in the game you will unlock these immediately for free along with the liveries. As I stated in my review of Alliance: Air War, I purchased the Platinum Level Support Bundle for $100 USD and I thought it was well worth the money as I wanted to support the developers and in all honesty, I wanted all the planes also!


This game is fantastic and I am very happy that the developers are still updating the Apple TV version along with it’s iOS counterpart and hope they do for a long time to come.



Here’s a look at the new planes.

Alliance: Air War Review

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